A long expected​ journey

To be honest, I wasn’t certain that I was ready for retirement.

I was, however, certain that I was ready to stop work. After far too many years, the optimism and enthusiasm of youth had faded into cynism and frustration. This was set against a prevailing view that you are ‘over the hill’ or passed your best when you reach a certain age.

So leaving work behind was easy. But looking ahead, what was I going to do to fill the time? A quick search on Google provided the answer! In fact, thousands of answers that were interspersed with financial advice, medical advice and a multitude of self-help lists!

After some consideration, I came to the decision that I should embrace the notion of being ‘over the hill’!

Over the Hill in the sense that the period of my life when work was an all too dominant feature is behind me, and I have more ‘free time’ available.

Over the Hill, literally, and in the great outdoors;  I will try and follow the adage that I won’t mind the weather as long as I am out in it.

Over the Hill in terms of being somewhere new and trying new things that I haven’t done before!

So this is the start of a journey; a long expected journey which will take me over the hill and a long way off!

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